I was quite rightly pulled up at Moffat Community Council on Tuesday night for not keeping the blog updated. Please accept my apologies.

In case anyone is not aware the Council elections are a week today and then there’s another election on 8th June. It feels like an endless pre-election period at the moment, but there it is. That is the caliber of the characters currently leading this UK version of democracy.

There were some drafted blog-posts scheduled for issue at the end of last year, but the volume and range of Council case work, community meetings, Committee papers, group work duties, as well as the process within the SNP of getting properly confirmed and nominated to stand as a candidate for re-election in Annandale North, made me realise I didn’t have time. I needed to review what and how-best to publish.

I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter more recently to post updates relating to council service issues as I’m also trying to find a way to link the council case reporting system to what gets published. Until recently this required mapping the use of a number of systems and practices, which was very labour intensive and time consuming. My plan (which may well gang aglay) is to streamline how I publish updates and comment so that it fits better in-to and not additionally on-to the working week. I suspect I’ll move away from a “This week in Annandale” approach.

Providing I get re-elected that is! Unsurprisingly my focus recently has been working with my local Annandale and Eskdale SNP Branch members and excellent volunteers, alongside the Annan SNP Branch, to campaign for an increase in the number of SNP Councillors in Annandale & Eskdale Area and hopefully, for the first time ever, an SNP-led Council. Sylvia Moffat and Henry McClelland are my candidate colleages and we have been supporting each other where possible to ensure we are contacting as many residents and voters as possible across the whole area (This equates to roughly 30,000 voters!)

Anyway I have some people to reach now in Annandale North and some materials to deliver so best get on.



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