Stop nicking lead from Lochmaben Primary School!

Education services and the Police are tackling this one now – hours after the Parent Council meeting the leadhead was at it again which has triggered a more urgent action plan. Shame for the children who’s school-time is getting totally disrupted by leaky roofs and all the subsequent repairs.

Union representation

We’re trying to listen to the concerns being raised by Unions operating in Dumfries & Galloway and have met on a number of occasions, and more regularly now than years ago. With ‘Reshaping’ of the Council and trying to work within a budget, there is a corresponding amount of stress and uncertainty within the workforce, particularly around staff receiving proper training and information for new or emerging roles. Are staff having to follow one policy book while management beat them about the head with it? Fog of war.

Lockerbie community meeting

This was well-attended and kicked-off an hour before the Community Council meeting in Lockerbie Town Hall. There was a passionate and candid introduction by Ian McLatchie and a lot of contributions and feedback from local residents and community groups who mainly got the gist of trying to find positive ideas to go Forward with. There is plenty of scope for a Community Action Plan, similar to the one recently undertaken by Beattock and Moffat, to carry out independent consultation of the community and build an evidence-based and relevant case for proposals that can be put to Dumfries & Galloway Council, Scotland’s Towns Partnership, Scottish Government and other agencies to really make meaningful improvements to the town.


Well done to Sylvia Moffat who stood as the SNP candidate for the Annandale North by-election. The share of the vote increased since the last by-election in 2012 and she came in a much improved 2nd place. It was always going to be a challenge in November, just a few months before the 2017 Council Elections but the she and the quickly-assembled team worked a much better organised campaign on local issues.


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