Arla – made in the Solar System

People put a lot of importance in knowing where their food is produced and it has been a big positive for Lockerbie to have product branding spread throughout the country – Lockerbie Butter and Lockerbie Cheddar. It will be a loss to the pride of the town and region to know that, even though we supply the milk, produce the butter and produce the cheese, someone buying it in a shop will have no idea where it was made other than Britain – what does that even mean? Big business can’t reduce everything to bland anonymity, although it will try. Give credit where credit is due – it’s made in Lockerbie.

This was raised at Royal Four Towns Community Council

Along this stretch there is a “vulnerable” siting of the BT cabinet at Parkend Bridge.  There is concern that vehicles could clip it when approaching the bridge from the south. Have asked Council officers to work with BT on this one.

Blogflash: Moffat -collapsed gully at Crosslaw Burn fixed!

Football. Proper local football

Victory for Moffat Thistle 2010 AFC in the Scottish Amateur Sunday Trophy Round 2 vs Coadys AFC

They now have a functioning Council pavilion and Service Level Agreement and arrangement in place for the Beattock pitch – that took a lot longer than I thought to get sorted from first meeting the team representatives (the Council took a long time getting the pavilion done despite regular pressure) – but I hope it helps strengthen the club both now and in the future.

However, I have had some feedback from some Beattock residents about litter being left after games. I’m not sure if this is the visiting team or not but please can Thistle players tidy up any plastic bottles, tape, cans and McDonalds bags or do a quick check round after the match so the pitch is left tidy for other people? Would be good PR.

Police Station recycling

Inspector McKnight and Constable Cowan will be attending the public Moffat Community Council on 22nd November where the Police Scotland Estate Consultation is on the agenda. An extended welcome has been made to Kirkpatrick Juxta community council and residents given their closeness (physically) to Moffat.

Lochmaben Community Council

The lift at Lochmaben Town Hall is broken and has been re-reported after the Contractor and engineers have attended Lochmaben Town Hall to investigate the fault on several occasions.  The new part needs to be installed by the Contractor which may take ages.

Ecclefechan Community Council

Just went to find out what the community council was up to and enjoyed a welcoming, positive and proactive meeting. This will become one of the community councils within the new Annandale North ward boundaries as of next May’s Council Election so I felt I should be prepared…

SOSA (South of Scotland Alliance)

If we had bacon, we could have bacon and eggs, if we had eggs – brilliant.

Basically here is what SoSA (sometimes I don’t capitalise the ‘o’ – crazy) will be screaming for at the meeting with DFM John Swinney on 5th December:

Prioritise the South of Scotland in the Programme for Government by

1. Enterprise and Skills review – make whatever Scottish Enterprise is actually effective for Dumfries & Galloway

2. Invest in key road and rail infrastructure

3. Complete the Digital Connectivity for South of Scotland – broadband and mobile coverage

Clear, simple, difficult to disagree with. Repeat as necessary.

Beattock Station Action Group

Craft Fair in Moffat Town Hall with live music! Nice.



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