Lochmaben: a Planning Application site visit to look at the permission in principle for housing just off the B7020 opposite the bowling green and entrance path to Castle Loch. Ended up being approved at Committee the following day but will tie in extending the 30mph limit further down the Dalton road which should help road safety.

Moffat Community Council updated everyone present on the Community Plan that’s being finalised following the public event in the Town Hall. Various other matters were discussed and you can stay alert with their Facebook Page.

Lochmaben Action Group AGM was a very welcoming event with a bit of Halloween decorating duties thrown in for the next day’s Lunch Club in the Portakabin. The Portakabin has a few years of life left in it and is being well-managed and used by local groups but there is still a grey area over which ‘cost code’ it falls under within the Council. Council link officers are in good communication with the group though, which is reassuring. The plans for a kitchen upgrade look like they’ll make a big improvement.

Thursday evening challenge:

  1. ANCBC – This is the company whose Board (made up from community representatives) determine the awards of community benefit funding from Harestanes windarm (Scottish Power Renewables) to groups in Annandale and Nithsdale, based on criteria-assessed applications professionally processed by Foundation Scotland. Attended as an Independent Observer.
  2. Johnstonebridge Community Council – salt bin delivered finally (just in time) to Beechfield Lane… but with no salt. Oh you Council you. Anyway this is coming next Wednesday. The old salt bin is still up at the Old Johnstone Hall so this needs relocated to somewhere useful. B7076 issues around the bus shelter and road safety also being followed up.
  3. Templand Community Council – arrived near the end of the meeting but was able to provide a couple of updates on Council matters and hear more about a water contamination problem at the end of the village.
  4. Royal Four Towns Community Council – I bit off more than I could chew so didn’t have time to get to Hightae after attending the first three meetings – I’d pre-warned the secretary so no harm no foul, but sent a councillor report by email to update on issues that were being followed up.

Note: still busy with some Annandale North By-Election activity…

On Community Transport…the Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf MSP announced new funding to help 60 people get trained to be trainers in D1. The programme will run until March 2019. Funding will pay for training and sitting the test but will target people who want to train others in the future. Ideally a good spread of trainers with at least one person in each local authority area would be best. Once trained, trainers would have to wait 3 years before they can train others. The fund is open now so if you’re interested, complete the application form.




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