Met the Tenants and Residents Association to pick up issues with DGHP and other tenants in Lochmaben and Lockerbie.

Also pleased to report that there has now been a Service Level Agreement agreed between Moffat Thistle and the D&G Council so they now have a set of keys for Beattock pavilion. Previously keys were lifted from Beechgrove Sports Centre, Moffat but now, after a long long long process the Council have recognised liability and ownership for the pavilion, the community council can take a fee for booking their pitch, and Moffat Thistle have a good pitch for their home ground, which should ease the pressure on the Moffat pitches.

Beattock may now get a decent path fashioned as a betterment by Scottish Power Energy Networks for digging up the roads (again) – was able to speak with Council Roads officers to see what practical improvements would be allowed to help join up the gap in the cyclepath/footpath. Looks light a green light to go ahead.

BTW am a wee bit caught up with by-election activities for Annandale North so that’s another time investment until 17th November.

Meeting with Council’s Roads Network Manager to try and get to the bottom of how works and repairs actually get prioritised and programmed. Shocking. This Council is so ingrained in 20th Century ways of working despite over 5 years of investment in IT, Training, Plant and Equipment, etc. that reportedly on a given day you will get members of staff sitting in vans parked up somewhere because there’s no work organised for them. How demoralising for staff and how wasteful for the public purse. There is clear demand, there is budget and staff resource, so who’s treating the Council like a cushy number and not tackling works management properly?

Lockerbie Community Council are arranging a public meeting to get views from residents and business on what they’d like to see to improve the presentation of the town, which was kicked off around a discussion about the state of the roundabouts at the entrances to Lockerbie. Lockerbie Town Hall at 6:30pm on 15th November just before the next community council meeting.

After DGHP’s no show we managed a successful meeting with residents, the Gas contractor and DGHP officer to find a way forward for the installation of new boilers in Dryfesdale Court, Lockerbie. Very constructive and looks like a reasonable solution can be agreed wth residents having their voice and concerns heard.

Scottish Social Security consultation response was submitted by the Communities Committee of the Council, mostly responding on issues about how it can be administrated at a local level.

Supported MSP Joan McAlpine with some of her surgeries in Eaglesfield and Ecclefechan. Ecclefechan will become part of the new Annandale North ward in the next Council election so I intend to find out more about some of the projects and issues in the town and area just in case…


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