The Countess of Strathearn’s Birthday

Here’s an excerpt from the official 2016 public flag flying list for D&G Council buildings. These are the important days when we are currently required to fly the union flag:

January 9th – The Countess of Strathearn or Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday (same person)
January 20th – The Countess of Wessex’s birthday
February 6th – The Queen Elizabeth II’s accession day anniversary
March 10th – The Earl of Wessex’s birthday
April 21st – The Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday
June 2nd – The Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation day anniversary
June 10th – The Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday
June 11th – The Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday
June 21st – The Earl of Strathearn or Duke of Cambridge’s birthday (same person)
July 17th – The Duchess of Rothesay or Duchess of Cornwall’s birthday (same person)
August 15th – The Princess Royal’s birthday
November 14th – The Duke of Rothesay or Prince of Wales’s birthday (same person)
November 20th – The Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding day anniversary

Now they can’t help being entitled chavs, whoever they are, just as we can’t help being unentitled chavs, but by playing along we’re just perpetuating the comical enshrinement of symbols for an archaic ruling family and their subjects, or a sadly-still-with-us class-based inequity framework loosely based on a cocktail of historical land-grabs, blue blood(???), divine right(!!!), primogeniture (back in the day), and more recently a “tourism” argument.

We are technically able to fly the saltire on every other ‘non-designated’ day of the year, but this Administration doesn’t want to because they are proud to be Scottish. However we are required to fly the saltire on the following days:

January 25th – Burns Day
November 30th – St Andrew’s Day…

…HAH not really, fooled you! You would think so what with us being in Scotland, but seemingly the saltire is only flown on St Andrew’s Day if there are two flagpoles on the building. If there’s only one you just fly the union flag again.

Just a bit of harmless fun though, eh?


2 thoughts on “The Countess of Strathearn’s Birthday

  1. Interesting and entertaining. You may of course be preaching to the converted with this but perhaps one of them may be inspired to write a letter to the local press?

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