Old Boilers

Currently meeting with residents and tenants of DGHP properties in Lockerbie to try and get a fix for the boiler replacement issues that have been coming to light over the recent programme. DGHP have contracted a piece of work out to upgrade boilers and in Dryfesdale Court there are a number of residents concerned about the level of engagement and care being taken. Understandably contractors will have a specific job to carry out, but DGHP you would think would monitor the quality of this against their key value of putting the tenant first. Will be meeting again on site next week.

Scottish Social Security System

There is a consultation out now on ‘A new future for social security’ to gather views to inform the development of the Scottish Social Security Bill. The consultation paper is openly available to all organisations and individuals who wish to contribute. The D&G Council response will be presented to the Communities Committee on 20th Oct 2016 with the focus being on the administrative thoughts but if you want to get your views in please feedback at least to the parts that interest you (it’s in lots of sections but would take a while to complete it all!!!) This is a drip-feed of more powers coming to Scotland from Westminster and something we can help shape to suit Scotland more effectively.

Moffat High Street 20mph limit

There’s scope for a 20mph limit in the town centre following some of the recorded data measured over recent weeks. The average (mean) speed is already about 20mph so this could in theory be put in place without costly traffic enforcement works.


Lockerbie Academy Parent Council

First meeting of the Parent Council since the AGM and a healthy turnout. One of the concerns to take on was the standing room only for students travelling from Brydekirk to the Academy on the 383 service bus operated by Houstons, which is provided on a commercial basis rather than from the School Transport budget.

Who’s got the biggest poppy?

As we move futuristically through the 21st Century it’s of interest to note that the comparative size of poppy wreaths for Lords and Lord Lieutenant’s can still evoke feelings of mutual jealousy and of being put out. Interestingly, there is a ‘traditional’ Moffat wreath placed by the Community Council at the Dowding Memorial Service composed from a gathering of local heather and wild flowers.

Lochmaben Community Council

Attended and reported on council matters and am currently following getting the trees on the High Street trimmed, the new OpenReach broadband/fibre cabinets near the hospital, and the ongoing problems with the lift in Lochmaben library, to mention a few.

Golf Club VAT Windfall

Local golf clubs may be able to benefit from the latest HMRC Guidance on VAT (May 2016) and may get a cheeky VAT refund awarded. It would certainly be a much-needed boost for struggling clubs in the short term at least, and hopefully all go towards the common good.

Post-Brexit Survey

DisMayed at the Brexit fallout clusterf*ck and worried about the type of future we could be in for if we do nothing? Would you like to live in a country based on better values for you and your children? Take the national survey




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