Man Down

Councillor Tait has resigned so Annandale North is not fully represented at the moment. There will have to be a by-election (again!) which is sub-optimal to say the least, especially with it being so close to the 2017 Council Elections next May.

Crazy Separatists

There was a motion at Full Council by the D&G Independent Conservative(?) Group (already separated from the other Conservative and Unionist Council Group) for Dumfries & Galloway to separate from Scotland when Scotland gains independence. I mean, there’s a lot you could write about this but I don’t really want to go down someone else’s rabbit-hole. Too many weak assumptions and holes in the argument – read the papers on line from the council website and see what you think. I mean how do you slice up David Mundell MP? A big chunk of the Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale constituency would be gone into the ether, not to mention 2 Conservative constituency MSPs from the Scottish Parliament. Forget a Plan B, there wasn’t even a Plan A. Enough to say it got voted out of the chamber, although it did get support from some Dee Ward councillors who appear to have more concern around business uncertainty affecting their own undertakings, than valuing the self-determination and illumination of the people of Scotland, quite selectively blind to the actual reality of impending Brexit. What puzzled me was why Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell (Conservative), and others, were in this splinter group’s Council office for hours til 6pm on the night before the Council meeting. Is there a chance they could all kiss and make-up just before the 2017 Council Election?

Lockerbie Community Council

There was another community councillor from another parish talking on the night about the Lockerbie CC members getting more involved in ANCBC – the Harestanes windfarm funding body. The Board has some vacancies and these can be filled from all the members of the company – each of the 30-odd community councils involved has 2 members assigned to the company and they can help shape the Board’s direction. The Board should be communicating to all the members (not just those on the Board) about this in more detail but there were some issues with email addresses in the past, and of course the disestablishment of some community councils after their elections last year. I contacted Scottish Power Renewables to ask their take on how flexible the funding distribution model can be and was interested to find that the £2k per year allocated to each community council can be ‘rolled-up’ if it’s agreed to assign it to a specific community project that meets the right criteria.

Beechgrove Sports Partnership, Moffat

Should be in a position for Annandale & Eskdale Area Committee to determine a lease for the Beechgrove Sports Partnership at the October 2016 meeting (just missed the report deadline for the meeting on 28th September.)


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