Transport Summit in Dumfries

Another kept promise by the SNP. This has been supported by our MSPs to make sure Dumfries and Galloway gets raised priority with Scottish Government backed infrastructure improvements, including better rail links (Beattock being an obvious option but needs UK Government DfT to help) and improved roads such as A701 and A709 in Annandale North ward. The East-West link improvement for the A708 would allow access to the Borders Railway but that’s further away in time.

Just Business

Planning Applications Committee proved adversarial as members challenged officer recommendations over interpretation and weighting of policy. Some applications were granted that were initially recommended for refusal, but that’s what were there for.

Annandale & Eskdale Area Committee

Did some scrutiny as per, to chase up Station Park progress and other matters, but also happy to see Community Safety funding awards for groups in Moffat for resilience equipment. They have been proactive in both direct action, organising resilience, and working with the Council and again are very much an exemplar of how to empower (although the strong asset base does help.) There was also the matter of agreeing Discretionary Funding Criteria for next year so in principle the same, but with less money to disperse. There is a £20k maximum application limit as well but larger organisations have to find ways of working that don’t implicitly rely on ‘discretionary’ funding every year.

Moffat Community Council

Sadly I couldn’t get to the meeting on Tuesday night (and it finished much earlier than usual, seemingly. Hmmm) but was able to provide a report to the Chair before the meeting with updates on the various ongoing issues.

Local Development Plan 2

I participated in the first part of the public event on Place hosted in Lockerbie Town Hall on Wednesday. This was gathering input from members of the public on their assessment of their locality under a number of headings. I went for an assessment at ward level so as not to offend anyone. Also I had to rush off to the…

Proudfoot Indoor Sports and Social Club

To catch up on progress since their successful premises licence application which helps the club to generate more revenue and host more activities without the restrictive, traditional membership-based model that used to be in place. Was a good meeting with lots of the user groups represented, and a lot of good ideas and opportunities being discussed and planned. The building exterior really does look grand now that the works have been completed.

Johnstone Community Council

Entangled with the Community Trust but it as a small community Johnstonebridge is finding a way to work both bodies together. Still ongoing issues over the B7076 road safety, speeds, and markings, but we’ve got the Service Manager Network Strategy agreed to come to the meeting of the Community Council in September.


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