Parking in Balcastle Gardens, Lochmaben

Please be considerate to the residents so that they can get in and out of their drives. The new term at primary school has started but try leaving a little earlier if you must drive, so that you can park round at the community centre along Annandale Crescent. Or walk, scooter, or cycle with your children. There is a Traffic Regulation Order to allow Police to enforce parking restrictions at the junction as people are abusing it.

Transport Summit on Monday 22nd at Easterbrook Hall

I’d welcome improvements to the A709 Lockerbie to Dumfries road, particularly given it’s the busiest non-trunk road in the region and has had a significant increase of traffic throughout the day with timber transport, quarry lorries and agricultural vehicles all adding to the weight on the road. We need to support business by improving the infrastructure. The A701 is a trunk road but we have the quaint single-lane traffic-light bridge at St Anns (not unlike the A709 at Shillahill Bridge) which needs dealt with. There are also a number of complex issues around improving rail links being pushed for, notably Beattock Station but this is being driven by SNP MSP Joan McAlpine‘s manifesto commitments with full support from SNP Councillors as well as support from all political parties.


Parking in Lockerbie

Met with constituents to explore options for parking near the Train Station in Lockerbie and pressured the Director of Economy and Infrastructure to make progress. Parking in Lockerbie is a recognised issues, partly due to the increase of rail passengers using the station, but long-term and inconsiderate parking is restricting and obstructing local residents and businesses. There is very limited parking control in Lockerbie and it is an ongoing piece of work to find appropriate and enforceable parking measures, as well as provide controlled parking to serve the station and town centre.

Welfare Reform Sub Committee

The Scottish Government has fully-funded the predicted shortfall in Discretionary Housing Payments by the Council which is good news. We had been prepared to draw £217k from reserves to ensure the most vulnerable were supported, but fortunately can use this money to sustain much needed support for longer in the face of ongoing welfare cuts by the Conservative Government in Westminster.

Proudfoot Sports Club, Moffat

Further progress for the Proudfoot in Moffat following the extensive building and roof repairs and renovations: the Club had recognised the need to review their Licence to allow more flexibility for events and functions and had the Variation approved at the Annandale & Eskdale Licensing Board on Thursday. I’ve been working with the group over the last few years to help sustain a future for the popular iconic building and all the various users and groups.

Another positive is the Townhead Hotel, Lockerbie getting their license variation approved.





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