Dumfries & Galloway Council has issued a position statement relating to work starting at the beleaguered DG One Leisure Complex in Dumfries.

The Council has now settled its dispute with Kier Construction Limited in relation to DG One and the repair works have been checked to take account of all known issues.

The Council’s Policy and Resources Committee, determined that DG One be established as a capital project and approved capital funding of £10.801m.

Council Officers are now working with the preferred contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey, to complete the job and make sure everything runs smoothly.

These are some proposals for design changes that were highlighted to councillors:

  • Reconfiguration of the Leisure Water – removal of flumes and lazy river, to be replaced with significant interactive children’s play structure.
  • Removal of permanent bar provision – temporary ‘pop-up’ bars to be erected when service need demands. Options for current bar area to be utilised to accommodate health activity potentially in partnership with NHS – Cardiac Rehab/Physiotherapy etc.
  • Second floor office accommodation – Options to be developed to accommodate health activity in partnership with NHS – Building Healthy Communities/ Mental Health/ Healthy Lifestyle Zone currently being developed.
  • Relocation of the Sauna, Steam and Spa Pool
  • Changes to Café area to allow for franchise catering provision.
  • Improved external appearance of Rotunda (the unpopular wooden finish – see image)
  • The potential removal of expensive translucent insulation wall cladding (Kalwall) that allows light into the pool hall to be replaced with tinted glazing.

The Council will be writing out to all groups and previous users, along with organising events, to share plans and design information throughout the construction period.

Site Start

The contractor will start site “mobilisation” and erect fencing around the boundary of DG One on Sunday 28 August 2016. This will will mean the car park and access will be closed off to the public. Alternative car parking and means of access are available throughout Dumfries town centre and information will be sent out.

Site works are due to commence on Monday 5 September 2016

The construction period is estimated at 18 months and the work will be regularly monitored until completion in early 2018. To stay reassured of progress a Project Manager will be appointed, along with Clerk of Works, and support will be provided from the Council’s Schools for the Future Team.


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