This week in Annandale 27/06/2016

The Good:

Moffat Community Council and AGM was busy and full of eventful discussions. Good to see strong debate around supporting projects like Christmas lights but also the concerns around how funds should be properly managed so that the CC is accountable.

Surgeries in Moffat, Beattock and Wamphray were… let’s say “attended” rather than well attended but raised some good issues which are being followed up.

I was able to batter my shocks on the B7020 trying to cover Johnstonebridge and Royal Four Towns Community Councils but it was worth staying abreast of the residential home issue in Hightae and the perennial grounds maintenance issues at Johnstonebridge.

The Bad:

Full Council met this week and spent about 5 minutes avoiding debating the strategic financial issues facing the Council, especially given the outcome of the EU Referendum poll UK-wide. Then a prolonged and disproportionate time was spent trying to rubbish the Council’s support for Gaelic by an odd mixture of elected members and for very different reasons. You’ll have some Jack-eyed wheeze suggesting Dumfries and Galloway becomes part of England next when Scotland finally achieves independence. It’ll get in the papers, but will go straight in the bin.

The Downright Tedious:

Unaudited Accounts 2015-16 Report by Head of Finance & Procurement.

I’ll supply a link to this document on request.


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