The Righteous:

Kirkpatrick Juxta (Beattock) Community Council continue to work towards bigger community aspirations for sport and health facilities in the village, that will also link up with Moffat. There’s also been some good news with Swestrans recognising the independent pre-appraisal work on the cases for re-opening of Beattock Station, along with Thornhill and Eastriggs (and then there were three) and pushing for a full STAG appraisal. Slow but steady.

Another Ladyknowe meeting with residents in Moffat, but this time with slightly more focus on actually accepting some responsibility for getting the road repaired for now in as fair a way as possible, with ward councillors happy to find some “ward capital” to put in to help get it done. The frustration with the way the Council carried out it’s business over this was palpable and understandable so it’s hard to sit in a meeting and try and bash it into some kind of digestible shape. The road still needs fixed and, as it stands, the private owners have to pay for it (although a fair share needs to be agreed) – I understand the desire to pursue a cause but get it sorted in the meantime.

The Shoddy:

Planning Applications Committee. Well the hydro pump scheme at Glenmucklock go the go-ahead and that should be a very interesting energy scheme (if only it was community owned land but) but there was a sulphurous vote to approve a site for housing in a field in Dumfries with some access issues. Classic ransom-strip land-banking.

The Jejune:

CoReS: (Corridor Regeneration Strategy – an M74 corridor lobbying group that for some reason features detailed operational updates on Chapelcross decommissioning activity) Mr Mundell MP was unable to attend as he was accompanying the new UK Prime Minister to meet with Scotland’s First Minister, so Mr Mundell MSP took the chair instead. Some continuity at least, eh? We were supplied with the albeit light in detail but very much present, tangible and available to any interested businesses, Solway45 destination opportunity. This is a sketched up transport hub, energy park and ‘opportunity site’ on the map just a few miles away from the Chapelcross site which will someday find time to let the world and private sector know it’s open for business, even with a slim pamphlet to do some Inception, plant the idea, stake a claim in the imagination, put D&G on the map, etc. Anyway, looking forward to a load of ‘market failure’ that needs bailed out by some public pounds from somewhere. (not)


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