The Good:

Met with the Roads Officer at Harthill, Lockerbie with the Chair of Moffat Community Council talk directly about some ongoing concerns. Time passed and it definitely happened, but you won’t always like the answers you get. The main thing was to establish more positive communication between officers and communities so that misunderstandings can be easily smoothed over and services can be delivered.

Good to see the initial drafts of Moffat’s Dark Sky Town signs.

Lots of enquiries and work going on with grounds maintenance along the rural roads – growing faster than it can be cut just now.

Some progress with the Parkgate bus shelter.

Also things moving on the complex flood protection works up at Newton Wamphray with SEPA now sighted on the matter as well.

The Bad:

Dumfries and Galloway Council at it’s most ignorant. There was a report taken in private that could have been written so as to be public. The decision was based on legal advice that the Council was not responsible for the upkeep of Ladyknowe Road in Moffat, and even then members voted against contributing to the cost. This does little to comfort the interest of the community affected and makes our decision-making opaque. There is also a distinct lack of Annandale North councillors on the Economy, Environment & Infrastructure Committee.

DGHP at it again with the boiler replacement programme in Lockerbie. Make it work for the most vulnerable first, then you’ll really be putting the tenant at the centre of the process. Too many Gucci handbags, Audis and Lifestyle Choices going on somewhere and not enough empathy with actual tenants. You can’t blame it all on tick-box procurement processes and the contractor. D&G Council tried that with DG One…

The Ho-Hum:

The Ad Hoc Rates Relief Sub Committee was quickly assembled, briefed, and then convened to determine 2 appeals against Rates determinations. Interesting debate from Members but not for disclosure on this forum. Good to be on this and enjoyed engaging on the reports.


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