The Good:

All 32 Local Authorities in Scotland voted to remain in the EU but the vote varied across Annandale with some polling stations showing a majority of leave votes, which has to be considered. You can read more about the unfolding consequences of the result all over the internet, and via the old traditional media channels so I won’t go into it here.

Lockerbie Community Council covered a number of topics including an update from the meeting I attended with residents, Police and the Council on the parking and traffic measures that will be actioned for in and around the town centre.

Federation of Community Councils met in Beattock village hall so I attended listen and learn from the network of Annandale & Eskdale representatives. It wasn’t a massive turnout as it was the night before the hall was being used as a polling station for the EU Referendum.

Annandale & Eskdale Divisional Licensing Board met on Thursday and we approved changes for the Crown Hotel in Lochmaben after considering an objection. We also had a debrief from Police following the Eden Festival to get a fuller understanding of how the event was managed, including BDOs.

Lochmaben Gala was enjoying its bunting, Moffat Rootes Car Rally was chocolate-bloc and there were a number of Garden events on Sunday including at Middleshaw (which unfortunately I couldn’t get to on the day)

The Bad:

Missed Templand Community Council due to Federation meeting. I zoomed down from Beattock to try and catch the end of it but the hall was locked up by the time I got there.

The Necessary:

Planning Applications Committee happened with many a vote on the day. Most notable approvals (voted 9-8) included the wind farm development in Glenmuckloch Upper Nithsdale which is linked to another application for pump storage hydro scheme yet to come before committee.

Annandale & Eskdale Area Committee heard from Police and Fire services on their respective performances and Lockerbie Gala had funding awarded toward the cost of the events.

Social Work Services Committee was full of scrutiny.

I was going to trawl through the emails I sent through the week relating to case updates but these get reported at community councils anyway and I’m too busy!


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