DGHP Boiler replacement programme in Lockerbie

I’ve contacted the Board and Chief Executive of DGHP on behalf of constituents in the Lockerbie area who have raised concerns and questions over the burdens being put onto the tenants and residents in DGHP properties that will be affected by the boiler replacement programme.

I would expect that all the required health and safety considerations are being addressed as a matter of course in each home when boilers are being replaced, and that the siting of new boilers is properly and professionally assessed.

Further to recent correspondence arising from issues with SGN and meter changes to DGHP properties last year, I’m seeking further assurances that all affected residents have been kept fully informed of what they can expect and when any changes will take place. It goes without saying that this type of work will be intrusive and disruptive for residents and, as part of a DGHP-led programme, it would be respectful to make good any damage to furnishings or decorations as part of a full and rounded service where the tenant comes first.

Concerns have also been raised that tenants may be forced to foot the bill for any damage to walls or carpets, or required redecoration. It should be made clear by DGHP, if this hasn’t been done already, that DGHP will provide support to make good and restore people’s homes to the standard they were found in.

Other concerns for more vulnerable residents is around any preparation that may need done to enable boiler works, such as lifting floors, carpets, laminate, etc. which may not be feasible, depending on the abilities of each resident. DGHP should provide assurances that they will organise for support to be there from the start to the finish of the process, through whichever contractor may be required, acknowledging that a boiler upgrade is significant enough disruption to any household in itself, without the added stress and financial impact of having to worry about being able to afford and organise repairs and redecorations as a result, and especially if you are in a vulnerable category.


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