The Good:

Attended the Champions Board meeting on behalf of a colleague to keep updated on the work around improving the lot of looked after children in region.

Supported the Lockerbie Old School Hub group at their meeting in the Townhead. They are pushing ahead with feasibility study work and looking to take on an intern to help build their case. Positive implications from the approval at Planning Committee for the Crossdykes windfarm which could help key groups with revenue funding over 25 years.

Site visit with Transerv to determine what needs done to the A701 bridge over the Evan Water near Beattock after concrete fell from the structure on to the Southern Upland Way path underneath. Has been made safe but works need carried out to improve and prevent future issues.

Attended a talk by Alyn Smith MEP on the EU Referendum and learned how we benefit as a country by being part of it, and also how we could get more out of the EU through stronger participation and influencing. The UK has been atrocious over the decades in embracing this union and has done its citizens a disservices by failing to be clear about how it works.

The Bad:

Surgery in Lockerbie was a diary mix up but caught up with the relevant constituents and their issues – no blood no foul.

Partly due to the last ever DG First Management Committee (which I previously had the dubious pleasure of chairing) which is morphing into the Enterprising Council Sub Committee. The business plan is a bit sketchy and have still to be convinced as to the figures for revenue generated by the Council’s trading operations.

The Necessary:

Community Transport and the Council’s role in leading a strategic transport plan for the region was raised with the Chief Executive at our Group meeting. This ties in with the work being carried out by Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway in promoting the transport agenda for third sector groups and has a Health and Social Care Partnership dimension that needs addressed.


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