This week in Annandale 23/05/2016

The Good:

Lockerbie Community Council reps met with Police and Alistair Speedie (EEI Director) to push forward the traffic and parking management for Lockerbie to get this implemented as soon as possible.

Moffat Community Council (finished for 9:00pm unusually!) discussed a wide agenda but a major concern is the progress of Station Park works, especially to the pond, in time for the International Gold Panning event in 2017. A report is coming to Area Committee but it is still needing pushed by councillors and community as officers don’t seem co-ordinated in their activities. Eden Festival is a commercial event which is why Police are charging full-cost recovery, despite recent representations.

Lochmaben Action Group met to give updates on various community group activities and I’m hoping to attend the Friends of Lochmaben Hospital at their next meeting.

Dowding Memorial Committee AGM – a fairly routine meeting to re-establish the office bearers and work toward this September’s event in Moffat.

I couldn’t attend the Moffat CAN AGM as I had both Johnstone and Royal Four Towns Community Councils in Johnstonebridge and Hightae respectively on the same night, but I was informed that a new Board is now in place and they are working through the legacy difficulties left behind by previous key individuals, now departed.

The Bad:

Pension Sub Committee – nae luck for the coming generations as we’ll be paying for final salary pensions for some time to come. The average salary pension calculation might not be great for some individuals but it is more sustainable for each subsequent generation. The number of ERVS has increased recently so the pension fund can take a hit, closing the gap between contributions and payments.

The Necessary:

Corporate business plans are being presented over this period to Councillors for each of the new Directorates – Children, Young People & Lifelong Learning (CYPLL), Communities, Economy, Environment & Infrastructure (EEI) and Corporate Services.

Planning Applications Committee happened with one windfarm being refused and one approved. For information (as this question often comes up rhetorically)

We currently have 7.4GW of installed capacity

We currently consume 38,256 GWh per year (2014)

The amount of installed capacity is not a measurement of how much electricity is produced or consumed, only what the maximum operating capacity of the system is in optimal conditions. So the 7.4GW of installed capacity could produce 7.4GW of electricity in one hour (or 7.4GWh) at maximum efficiency. This would produce 7.4 x 8760 (hours per year) = 64,824 GWh. Way more than enough to meet the 2020 target.

But in reality this is producing 18,961 GWh, or if you like, is operating at 29.25% efficiency.

To match our current consumption, we would need to produce 38,256 GWh but we have to factor in this assumed efficiency,

So, 38,256 GWh divided by 8760 hours would be approx 4.367 GW of total installed capacity required, but appreciating the 29.25% efficiency, or expected production, this calculates out to equate to 14.93 GW of installed capacity required, tallying nicely with the 14-16 GW target figure for 2020.

Nationally we would want to produce (at least) all the electricity we consume both domestically and industrially/commercially, but as it stands, by GWh measurement, Scotland’s domestic consumption is 11,520 GWh and we already produce 18,961 GWh (so free leccy for homes after all!)


2 thoughts on “This week in Annandale 23/05/2016

  1. Hi Stephen, did you have a meeting with the Scottish Ambulance Service re. Better cover for Moffat if so then how did it go? Thanks Gordon Burgess

    1. Hi Gordon, met with the area manager for south west Scotland and discussed the current set up and reports of increased demand in Moffat area. I was given the background to the ‘Harmonisation’ exercise carried out in 2007/8 which was based on a number of factors including response times, populations, and importantly staff well-being and work-life balance. The decision then was taken on the basis that tactical coverage which put less burden on staff due to being on-call + time to mobilise + shift patterns would work better with Lockerbie as the station. I’ve had a mixture of feedback as to how any public consultation on this was carried out at the time. I raised the issue of increased demand and demographics but taken in context of the area covered I was advised that it would still not justify changing the station and the additional staff requirements for Beattock/Moffat area. Also the emergence of the Moffat First Responders has had a positive impact. However, there is a piece of work being carried to recommend additional paramedic support working with GPs in Moffat area so that fast and well-trained support is available to support any incidents but this is not likely until 2017.

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