This week in Annandale 16/05/2016

The Good:

Lockerbie Community Council was a breath of fresh air with a number of issues being sorted – there is a meeting being arranged for the community representatives to input into the traffic plans for the town, I’ve taken the lead on meeting with the Golf Club about the Common Good and future funding, the Town Hall flag pole has now (after years) been resolved, and a few other issues were raised to be followed up.

Unfortunately, due to a change of date I wasn’t able to attend Beattock Parent Teacher Council on Friday morning as hoped but glad to be kept up to date with the matters arising.

Annandale Transport Initiative (ATI) meeting in Lockerbie was constructive following the casting vote by the Chair at Annandale & Eskdale Area Committee denying the organisation improved funding.

Attended an opening event for the Free Church of Scotland (continuing) at Ebenezer Hall, Bridge Street, Lockerbie, DG11 2HF (kind of Park Place) which was illuminating in many ways. The hall has been unused for some time but the owners have allowed the group to use it for their services for the forseeable future. Curiously I was the councillor thought ‘least likely to attend’ as the Church has an issue with the Scottish Government’s Named Person Bill – I was happy to discuss this at the time and will be sent a copy of their representation to better understand the concerns (won’t hold my breath though) – turns out I was the only councillor to attend so make of that what you will.

The Bad:

Bunting arrangements for Lochmaben Gala still haven’t been finalised even after repeated requests and meeting with officers to get resolved. Some practical contact details have been exchanged to get this sorted asap.

The Necessary:

Community & Customer Services (or Communities) Committee happened and time passed. The facilities review paper went to a vote as there was no clear reason why 6 council facilities were bizarrely excluded from the review, given all the facilities that have either undergone one, or are about to. We lost the vote but made the point – why should a hand picked few get special treatment when we’re trying to be consistent for everyone? No comeback.


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