This week in Annandale 09/05/2016

Finally managed to get 3 of the 4 ward members together with Alistair Speedie, Director Planning & Environment, to get some action on a number of ward issues, particularly in Lockerbie. Community Council engagement, the “Steering Group”, parking, yellow lines. Also speed limits around Lochmaben and the road build-out for school crossing, Not to mention Moffat issues. Encouraging.

The Good:

Logic Modelling for SHAP (Safe and Healthy Active Partnership) locality plan at Annan Hospital was an interesting session on how the different groups looked at the health outcomes for Annandale and short and medium term goals.

Scottish Ambulance Service meeting arranged to ask for place at Moffat/M74 again, or at least find out what the rationale is and what would cause it to change.

I’ll be attending Kirkpatrick Juxta Community Council (Beattock) and Kirkmichael “community group” (one of the disestablished) to support with constituent and community issues, including that bus shelter fiasco in Parkgate.

Moffat Flood Action Group will be deciding on direct action in light of the “maintenance only” (and even then sporadic) plan from the D&G Council in addressing local flooding concerns. Oh, and the “Mouchel Report

The Bad:

DG One update (Members Seminar) – something is definitely going to happen soon, there will be work and money involved, but it will probably take longer than expected.

The Necessary:

LDP2 renewable energy seminar – windfarm spatial framework for Dumfries and Galloway is out of whack and needs brought into line with national guidance.


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