This week in Annandale 02/05/2016

The Good:

Scottish Parliament Election! The SNP increased it’s vote across Dumfriesshire and Joan McAlpine and Emma Harper were elected as MSPs.

The Bad:

Scottish Parliament Election! The SNP didn’t win the constituency seat for Dumfrieshire even though it was close until the very end.

The Necessary:

Scottish Parliament Election! I did an all-nighter on the night of the count, sampling ballot boxes and gathering data, so was an incoherent zombie for my surgery at Friday lunchtime.

I attended Lochmaben Community Council earlier in the week and was able to take on some service issues for the Council or DGHP to address, and updated everyone present with progress.

Had a chance to sit in with the Lockerbie Old School Group project meeting and catch up with how the project is moving along. They are in communication with a number of agencies to help with business case preparation, property transfers and other big stuff as well as organising awareness and fund-raising community events.

Follow @lockerbieOSP for updates.

Surgery was again held at the well-scaffolded Proudfoot building in Moffat but took the opportunity to read up on some papers. Place was like a building site.


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