This week in Annandale 28/03/2016

The Good:

Moffat Allotments – I was asked to chair this public meeting to find a way forward for allotment holders in Moffat. Ended up being a tour de force by guest speaker…

Held my surgery in the Proudfoot building (think I might do that from now on in Moffat) as there was a meeting on the future management of the Proudfoot later in the day – encouraging start with DGC Head of Legal services attending to listen and give advice.

Met with RES to find out more about how they calculate the community benefit for Minnygap Windfarm. Slightly different model from other developers and will mainly affect Johnstone and Kirkpatrick Juxta community council areas. Some members of the public had highlighted that David Johnstone (yes relation to place of same name – he is the Lord Johnstone, heir apparent to the current Earl of Annandale – and Chair of Scottish Land & Estates lobbying organisation, owner of Annandale Estates, etc.) is on the board of the Trust setting up the funding panel and the land on which the development sits. The Trust will be paid a 10% fee to administrate the community benefit pot. So no conflict there.

Moffat Rammy – Acoustic Music Weekend (formerly known as the Moffat Weekend of Music), is run by Moffat Music Live and this year runs on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd April

The Bad:

Some confusion over interpretation of parity between Kinship Care and Foster Care. Social Work reviewing all awards to ensure that where appropriate DWP fund the benefits they are supposed to rather than the Council. UK Government needs to bear the brunt of its obligations and not rely on the generosity of a local authority that can’t afford to.

The Necessary:

DGFirst Management Committee – Viafix again. Would you know if a permanent repair had been done to your local potholes by the quality of the work? Social Work Service Committee.


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