This week in Annandale 21/03/2016

The Good:

Met with D&G Council Chief Executive to push for a proper Tourist Route throughout the region. Also raised the CCTV issue in that D&G is the only area not supplying real-time images to the control room staff in the West Area Control Team for the Police. The other elephant is the need for proper use of IT systems to make the council reporting system more accountable. I have been pushing at this since getting elected but there is a tendency for buying new kit and new systems at some expense rather than streamlining and being efficient. Waste of money.

Dark Sky Community – first in Europe – had a party in Moffat to try and look at the stars but it was a bit cloudy.

Attended Moffat Community Council and heard of some scary incidents of speeding and road speed limits at Hidden Corner. Come on Director – you need to get your departments into shape to be able to respond more effectively and respect rural life. To be consistent I have to point the finger at the offending drivers (and no doubt I will have been one at some point in my life) – there’s only so much warning and advice and education and traffic calming can be put in place before you have to accept that on that day, at that time, you, driver, were a dangerous idiot and are totally responsible for the mess and should be held accountable.

The Bad:

Concerns over impacts on Annandale Transport Initiative (ATI) if they don’t get enough support from the Council – this money from the Scottish Government to support community transport was ‘un-ring-fenced’ in the Council but needs to be recognised how much of an asset this is to our communities.

Concerns over water charges to village halls – Scottish Water and other providers seem to be pushing the issue by billing village hall committees who would previously have been exempt – following up to see what can be done.

Big fears over potential loss of bus services (381 and 382) after 6pm and on Sundays. How are people meant to get home from work?

The Necessary:

Planning Applications Committee; Annandale and Eskdale Area Committee; Full Council; Conjoined meeting of Dumfries & Galloway Divisional Licensing Boards (that’s a mouthful, a penful and a keyboardful);


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