This week in Annandale 18/04/2016

The Good:

Attended a busy Lockerbie Community Council where the frustration over the lack of progress with the completion of the works on high street, and Lockerbie in Bloom’s 6 poles, and the ongoing parking problems were well aired. We are due to meet as ward councillors (although only 3 of us are committed to doing this) with that Director again as it got tired very quickly. No Regeneration Steering Group, no works complete, no TRO implemented to help the parking situation, no attention to the entrances of the town at the roundabouts.

Joined Lochmaben Action Group to stay updated with the T’ai Chi, Friends of Lochmaben Hospital and the upcoming Exhibition on 29th and 30th April at the church hall.

The Bad:

Lochmaben Gala committee still not getting what they need from the Council. Am chasing up with the appropriate manager to ensure the bunting can go up safely this year.

The Necessary:

Planning Applications Committee; Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) – given the hurdles Moffat had to jump, I raised the Dark Sky Community designation at the LDP2 seminar today and this was taken on board as something that can be included as statutory supplementary guidance, perhaps as an extension to the Dark Sky Park policy – it was certainly noted and recognised by the officers present as part of the LDP review process.


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