This week in Annandale 04/04/2016

The Good:

Day Opportunities Fund – all gone! We should get a finalised map showing all the different groups across Annandale that we’ve been able to help with the fund over the last couple of years so will post online when I get it.

Annandale North ward councillors have agreed to support a new community noticeboard in Moffat that’s easy to find and see – we have a little capital to put towards symbolic projects providing we all agree 🙂

Got on top of a lot of community council and constituent cases that had been building up over the last week or two. The thing with meetings is that when you’re at them, you can’t get on with the work arising from the meeting before. Bah.

The Bad:

WTF is going on with D&G Council and Shanks? It’s not normal to be getting 24 hours notice that all the recycling centres across the region are changing their opening hours. Even the Shanks staff were called to a short-notice meeting to be updated. There is a report on this coming to the next Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee but that’s not until June so I spoke to that Director (I seem to need to speak with this one a lot) to get a proper briefing and not just a verbal over the phone job.

The Necessary:

Logic Modelling. Exactly, what is that?


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