This week in Annandale 07/03/2016

The Good:

<aside>again playing catch up with the blog but will be reviewing this with the new guide to social media for elected members (#followme)

Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service looking to provide more service in the west of the region to meet demand.

Attended Kirkpatrick Juxta (Beattock) Community council, disabled parking space for the Village Hall in new draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO),

Attended Kirkmichael Community Council – still issues with Swestrans and Council over the state of the bus shelter at Parkgate

Newton Wamphray walkabout highlighted a number of road and drainage issues, all reported for action. Also the works to the Annan Water between Network Rail and Crown Estate still a concern to the community. Chasing up on meeting to determine maintenance arrangements.

Johnstonebridge constituents’ issues were taken on board and reported.

Attended the SNP Conference in Glasgow on Saturday. Very impressed by Deputy First Minister John Swinney and glad he is standing up for Scotland instead of surrendering £7bn that could have been lost by gaining new powers.

The Bad:

Chapelcross Site Stakeholder Group in Annan

The Necessary:

Community & Customer Services Committee, leisure and sport profiles plus changes, Facilities managements service level agreements, proposed ward workers, concerns about roads department, community empowerment progress, D&G Health and Wellbeing,


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