Deputy First Minister pledges for Dumfries and Galloway

DFM John Swinney was in Lockerbie and Stranraer last week giving more details on the SNP’s Connectivity and Communities pledge for the south west of Scotland.

Commitments on connectivity:

– Improving journey times on the A77, delivering further improvements to the A75 and in connecting Dumfries to the M74.
– Committing to cheaper rail fares on all routes to Stranraer.
– Examining the extension of the Borders Railway via Hawick to Carlisle.
– Ensuring all premises have access to superfast broadband by 2021.
– Investing £6 million to revitalise the waterfront in Stranraer.

On housing and communities:

– Piloting rural infrastructure and development plans across the south west.
– Investing in flood prevention, including planting woodland, and assist in water basin management.
– Continuing to apply a presumption against rural school closures.
– Empowering coastal communities with control over spending from Crown Estate revenues.
– Investing £25 million in a Rural Housing Fund, building new affordable homes and allowing young people and families to make their lives in rural communities.

An ambitious and wide ranging package of support which recognises the huge potential of the region.

The SNP government are making commitments to give the south west the necessary support to flourish and have a record of delivery that is open to public scrutiny. Broadband and Rail infrastructure to complement improved quality of road connectivity will enable the region to be more independent.


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