This week in Annandale 18/01/2016

The Good

Lochmaben Action Group had their meeting in the Portacabin next to the school (this is getting well used by a lot of groups) and the Lunch Club, Friends of Lochmaben Hospital, Tai Chi and Friendship Group all seem to be going well.

Syracuse candidates preparing for the ‘informal interview’ with Trustees, previous scholars and Education officials.

Beechgrove Sports Partnership are needing clarification on their lease for the pavilion from the Council to push forward their ambitious project in Moffat (good).

Johnstone Community Council have asked me to raise with the Council and Swestrans the wish for sides to the bus shelter that’s just been plonked in a new location on the B7076.

Lochmaben: the waste area of ground behind the terraced houses at Barrashead (old railway line) has been cut and tidied up including the bushes finally by DGHP and should now be on their rolling maintenance register.

The Bad

D&G Council really needs to sort out it’s routine, rudimentary housekeeping with its land and leases (see re Beechgrove above). Some of the ‘informal’ arrangements go back decades and there is little apparent appetite or will to routinely monitor these, which should be bread and butter for officials. Area for improvement (bad). Additionally the Council is meant to provide maintenance for the Lochmaben portacabin but it disappeared off a ‘list’ (without the client being told) so this is now re-added to a new ‘list’.

Low score this week for DGC putting the community at the heart of its decision making.

Excellent example of a pothole on A708 near Moffat Water Hall. Viafix is also being used for Holm Street patching in Moffat but constituents have been very vocal in their feedback about the quality of work being carried out.

A708-pothole-2016 Network Rail are yet another agency that are an additional burden to residents in trying to deal with local issues, particularly most recently in Beattock and Wamphray with litter and flooding works being concerns.

Lochmaben wider road safety concerns still haven’t been addressed in any meaningful way by the Director responsible. Proving difficult to get any positive engagement on this from his directorate, just delaying tactics, even though there are clear and deliverable community concerns.

The Boring

There was a Consultation Paper from COSLA which has been issued to all COSLA contacts. Views are being sought on the Terms of Reference of four Sub Groups to be established to assist with the Review of COSLA and also nominations for membership of the Sub Groups.

An actually quite interesting seminar was held on the changes to the enrolment procedures for 2016/17 to Dumfries and Galloway schools, along with the updates on School Capacities and any associated impacts.


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