This week in Annandale 01/02/2016

The Good

Lockerbie and Syracuse Scholarship Trust – the successful students are Shona Beattie and Sian McLaughlin. Well done both of you in what took over an hour of deliberation by the Trust to decide. It’s only the start of the journey but there’s nothing else in Scotland like this so make it good.

Beattock Station transport survey is now online and supported by Swestrans – get your views in now!

Broadband in Hightae – there is surveying on behalf of BT so that fibre broadband can be installed in the village.  Hopefully everyone in Hightae will be connected. A new cabinet may need to be installed on School Road as well.

Lochmaben Initiative AGM – a welcome update on the year’s work by the Initiative and discussions on how the group can go forward especially in relation to valuable local projects given the funding climate.

Proudfoot Institute – I have been in contact with Council legal and property services to ensure they are able to meet with Proudfoot representatives and have a sensible discussion about future models for looking after the building. I’m just trying to make sure that any report coming to a council committee for a decision should at least have taken on board everyone’s concerns about potential risks, and understand what groups, clubs and committees would be most comfortable doing in future, not to mention how future improvements or initiatives for the building could be taken forward with funders.

George Hunter Trust finally met. This is proving very difficult to arrange so that everyone can attend, especially when some of the members of the Trust are applicants for the funds and have to step out of the meeting when their application is being determined. It would be easier on the conscience if more independent Lochmaben groups applied to benefit from this.

ANC Conference (Association of Nationalist Councillors, the body for all SNP councillors in Scotland) was held in Stirling on Saturday with timely talks from John Swinney and Shona Robison.

The Bad

Reported faults with electric vehicle charging points, including Annan Academy, Dumfries College Campus and Annan Swimming Pool charging point. These are being checked or reported for repair with the appropriate service provider.

Reported a number of road defects, drainage issues and flooding problems (linked to Network Rail again) around Wamphray.

For info, the Network Rail Emergency Helpdesk number is 03457 11 41 41  or go online to Network Rail fault reporting


The Boring

Local Review Body – actually this was quite interesting and decisions were overturned for good reasons.



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