Scottish Parliamentary Elections – 5 May 2016

Galloway & West Dumfries Constituency; Dumfriesshire Constituency; South Scotland Region


Key dates and events with regard to the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary Elections as detailed below:


Date Event
14 March Publication of Notices of Election
From 15 March to 1 April (4pm) Receipt of Nominations
16 March Dispatch of Poll Cards
13 April First dispatch of postal ballot packs (for voters already registered by deadline of 22 March that apply for a postal vote up to 1 April)
15 April Second dispatch of postal ballot packs (for voters with new registration application, after 22 March and up to 6 April, that apply for a postal vote)
18 April Deadline for applications for registration
19 April (5pm) Deadline for new postal vote and postal proxy applications and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes
25 April Third dispatch of postal ballot packs
26 April (5pm) Deadline for new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)
5 May (5pm) Deadline for emergency proxy applications
5 May (5pm) Last time for re-issue of spoilt postal votes
5 May (10pm) Last time for re-issue of lost postal votes


There are 7 new polling places that will be used at the SP Elections being:


Polling District Previous Polling Place New Polling Place
01E1 Stranraer North/02F1 Stranraer Central Stranraer Fire Station Coronation Day Centre, Stranraer
02D1 Stoneykirk Stoneykirk Village Hall Torrs Warren Hotel, Stoneykirk
03D1 Sorbie Sorbie Village Hall Former Sorbie Primary School
04A1 Creetown Creetown Primary School Mission Hall, Creetown
04M1 Kirkcudbright Kirkcudbright Town Hall Kirkcudbright Parish Hall
05C1 Parton Parton Village Hall Parton Kirk
12G3 Johnstone Johnstonebridge Village Hall Johnstonebridge Centre


The postal vote opening venue will be the Emergency Planning Centre, Carruthers House, English Street, Dumfries.  Please note change of venue from previous years.


The verification and counting of votes will take place on Thursday 5 May commencing at 10.00pm at the Easterbrook Hall, The Crichton, Dumfries.


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