This week in Annandale 07/12/2015


A709 now reopened after being shut at Sheilahill; Hightae, Heck and Greenhill “cut off”; A708 now reopened with blockages cleared to allow water to drain off. Emergency Team busy over weekend and beyond responding to calls and emergencies with lots of contact being made with community resilience representatives. The Residents Association meeting was cancelled on Monday due to the road between Lockerbie and Lochmaben being assessed for safety.

Care at Home

Met with manager within Council to find out more about how care at home and discharge from hospital was being managed by NHS, reablement teams, Social Work and home care providers. Complex picture and only recently has a tighter process been put in place to ensure there is a package for those leaving hospital in place, and agreed (financially and logistically) between budget holders and care providers. Still a lot of legacy packages being reviewed and a piece of work to recognise and fund according to agreed criteria rural provision.

Lochmaben Community Council

Discussed with Director Planning and Environment about Lochmaben road safety and flashing 20s for school crossing – changes to A709 speed limit locations. Feet are dragging on this and the shutters seem to be going down with a lot of delaying tactics being employed. Advised that speed monitor signs could be moved as these are the community council’s but fears over committing budgets to even look at the issue is why we’re months down the line with no clear action planned by officers. At the same time I re-opened the Lockerbie parking restrictions order. This is still to be bottomed out with some Annandale North councillors stating that they’ve had no representations at all asking for restrictions to be put in place as they were before. This came up regularly at Lockerbie Community Council so make of that what you will.

Police and Fire and Rescue Committee

CCTV project finally got an airing with both Police Scotland and Council Officers there to speak to the delay in meaningful progress. Half a million pounds was agreed and ring-fenced 2 years ago to move this on so clearly not an effective use of time or resources (at least no evidence to show progress yet.) Meeting with the relevant officer next week and expecting a briefing on what work is being done.

Royal Four Towns Community Council

Very constructive meeting with the new Community Councillors on Thursday in Hightae. Following up some cases raised particularly in relation to flooding and drainage, noting concerns about the vulnerability of the new fibre cabinet installed at the edge of the road coming into Hightae from Lochmaben.

Dumfries & Galloway Advocacy Service

Attended the AGM on Friday in Dumfries. The independent advocacy service now has a new premises operating from Church Crescent in Dumfries but provides the service across the region. This is a protected and valuable services that Council and NHS (and the Integrated Health and Social Care service) must provide in the region under Mental Health legislation.


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