This week in Annandale 30/11/2015

Police 101

We attended the Govan Control Room on  Monday as part of a Police and Fire committee visit to question officers about the Police 101 service and understand how call workers were trained to deal with all calls professionally. Now that there is 1 Police Service rather than 8, each high profile incident becomes a national event rather than a local constabulary issue as it did in the past, which puts things into perspective. It was re-assuring to see staff with knowledge of Dumfries & Galloway are in place as the lead call centre contacts for V Division but concerning that this is the only division in the West Area that has no direct access to CCTV. The Dumfries and Galloway Strategic Partnership and the Council agreed way back in 2013 to use our share of the old Police Authority reserves funding to upgrade CCTV across the region and to put in place a Risk Management Centre with partners so that agencies could access live CCTV feeds across the area. Still hasn’t happened so will be raising this next week at Police and Fire Committee. For an alternative perspective on Police Scotland

Moffat Accessibility

A chilly morning was the ideal time to accompany Moffat Community Council members on mobility scooters on typical journey in and around town and encounter some of the difficulties and safety risks for people with day to day accessibility issues. There were numerous key locations where proper dropped kerbs would make a great impact for safety and prevent residents and visitors from having to circumnavigate tricky road junctions, or go far out of the way to access key services in the town. Or even just stay off the road in some cases. Well Street presents particular challenges, as does the crossing from Present Time shop over to the bookies, and the crossing at the war memorial. The north end of the town leaves people stranded on a road island looking for a safe place to get back on the pavement at the Moffat House Hotel. A bit more thought would make a lot of difference but this is very much achievable without breaking the budget.

Lockerbie Swimming Pool

I’ve stepped down as a Trustee from the Swimming Pool Trust after 3 years on the board. After speaking at length with the Chair I felt I could better serve the aim of delivering a swimming pool and leisure centre in Lockerbie as a ward councillor without becoming conflicted between the 2 roles. Many thanks must go to all the past and present Trustees who give up their time and commitment to help keep the project get closer to its goal. As the business plan is now a live document, the extensive community survey has been carried out, and the project now has planning permission, I can concentrate on pressing Council Officers to support the project where possible as it is within the agreed Lockerbie Masterplan as recognised by the Council.

Lockerbie Gala Committee

The AGM for the Gala Committee was a very positive meeting in the Town Hall and good to have a debrief and look forward to next year’s Gala arrangements, with lessons learned. The Gala programme is a must have so look out for it when it comes out next year.

Lockerbie 3G Pitch

Problems with the pitch flooding in areas during heavy periods of rain fall and water lying for prolonged periods of time has caused some disruption to both the Mid Annandale Football Club and regular users of the facility at King Edwards park and on occasions it has resulted in the games being cancelled or abandoned. I’ve now had assurances from Council Officers that the contractors were on site last week and have carried out some remedial work to the carpet and the pitch, resulting in the pitch now draining adequately. Hopefully there should be no future problems but given the weather warnings for the weekend there’s bound to be some ‘ponding’ just about everywhere.

Severe Weather Warning

The Council Emergency Centre was stood-up at 07:00hrs Saturday 5 December.  This includes DG First, Flood Risk Management Team, Communications Team and Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Big issues forecast within the Annan and the Esk catchments.The Annan is predicted to peak around 5pm at Brydekirk at a level in excess of the November 2009. Approximately 200-400mm higher. The communities of Heck, Hightae and Greenhills were the most adversely impacted during the last floods and will be cut off again.  The Emergency Team have already contacted the Community Councils to make them aware of the potential impact.



2 thoughts on “This week in Annandale 30/11/2015

  1. The 3G Pitch has performed well since the remedial work. Confidence in it has been restored. Our senior team now looks forward to playing two South of Scotland cup semi finals on it in the New Year. Fingers crossed our team will make it to these finals. Certainly playing some good football. This Saturday we play Wigtown and Bladnoch in the League Cup first round one of the games that was earlier postponed because of the pitch problems. The match kicks off at 3pm.

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