Clyde Extension Wind Farm – Construction Update

Please find below the latest information on the construction of the Clyde Extension Wind Farm:-

  • Construction is now officially underway at the site:
  • Access to the site, on foot or by other means, during construction is not recommended for safety reasons – signage will be placed at key points to communicate risks and encourage alternative walking areas.
  • The works at Access 3 (South of Tweedsmuir on A701) are expected to start towards the end of this week. Temporary traffic lights will be in place on the A701 for the duration of the existing forestry access junction upgrading and visibility splay works. The traffic management on the A701 is expected to last 6 weeks.
  • A limited number of vehicles are expected to start travelling through Moffat as of w/c 20th July 2015.  Initial traffic will include private vehicles and delivery of site offices to Access 3. HGV traffic associated with the importation of stone will commence at the start of October 2015. On average, over the duration of the works, traffic movements of around 16 vehicles a day are predicted, however any changes to this will be communicated in advance.  The bulk of materials is expected to be delivered to the site before Christmas 2015.
  • Engagement with the local timber transport representative to understand timber traffic movements locally.
  • A batching plant is expected to arrive on site (via Access 1) within the next few weeks. Concrete mixing will take place on site to reduce traffic on public highways.
  • All turbine components will be delivered to site via Access 1 on the A702 currently scheduled for spring / summer 2016 and separate notification will be provided at that time.
  • The first Clyde Extension Community Council Liaison Group meeting was held on Thursday 17th July formed with representatives from local Community Council’s and local politicians. Once agreed by all attendees, minutes from the meetings will be made publicly available on the Clyde Extension project website and through the Clyde Ext mailing list.
  • A family friendly community day will be held at the operations building of Clyde wind farm, situated at Access F on the B7076, towards the end of August to provide information about the development of Clyde and construction of the Clyde extension project and will include bus tours of the operational site. Further information on plans for the open day will be publicised and communicated in due course.
  • Further information on the project can also be found via our project website at or follow us on Twitter at @ClydeExtension

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