This week in Annandale 15/06/2015

Lockerbie in Bloom
Who nicks a wheelbarrow from a nature reserve? I don’t know, but Eskrigg Nature Reserve needs support not sabotage. Lockerbie in Bloom have been busy recently with the baskets but a late frost killed off some of the plants so these have had to be replaced by the volunteers. They attended Lockerbie Community Council and need some help and really need some new volunteers to help with some of the lifting – don’t worry as guidance will be provided by the experts. Visit the poly tunnel at Queens Crescent if you’re interested or get in touch through the usual channels.

Lockerbie Jazz
Creative Scotland and the Holywood Trust have granted funding towards some of this year’s Lockerbie Jazz programme which should be getting updated on their website as the acts get firmed up – the Steering Group meet every month at the Queens Hotel in Lockerbie and information – don’t book anything just now on the website as Jazz Scotland still have last year’s events and booking links on (which don’t work anyway but just in case you’re wondering)

Power Cuts
Scottish Power managed works are happening in July in Lockerbie. These are the dates and the streets where the power will be off for a day between 9:00am and 4:30pm

06/07/15 – Sydney Place
07/07/15 – Sydney Place/Matthews Loaning
08/07/15 – Park Place
09/07/15 – Bridge Street

13/07/15 – Rosebank Crescent
14/07/15 – Rosebank Crescent/Park Place
15/07/15 – Carlisle Road
16/07/15 – Carlisle Road

20/07/15 – Victoria Park/Ashgrove Terrace

Annandale & Eskdale Area Committee
Pleased to confirm that Moffat Gala got funding for this year’s proceedings. The main report was from Police Scotland on Annandale which still shows that serious crime incidence is very low and we are one of the safest regions. However based on the Police statistics the local objects used in violent crimes Annandale included a bottle, a glass, a mug, and a metal sign.

South of Scotland Alliance
This meeting in Moffat featured a report from the Scottish Towns Partnership which will be working to ‘secure a positive future for Scottish towns’ in areas like Dumfries and Galloway. They have some useful online resources at Scotland’s Towns Partnership and particularly Understanding Scottish Places which I found particularly interesting in the data for each town and how independent they are.

Lochmaben Football
A lot of work to do to secure the funding and get a final project cost, with a significant bit of work by Scottish Power needed to do involving groundwork. Fortunately Area Committee has been able to grant some funding along with the Holywood Trust. In progress.


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