This week in Annandale 08/06/2015

Headlines this week

Lockerbie Swimming Pool Planning Application Approved – now the focus is really on the fundraising with this in the bag. DG One is going to be closed for a while longer, and with a real wider rural community ethos helping to drive it, this will be a big boost for Annandale.

DG One - great for views of Morrisons
The best thing about DG One just now is the view of Morrisons from the roof…

Lockerbie Gala Happened – this is something councillors help to support as so many people in the town prepare for it and make an effort to ensure it happens every year. I attended the civic reception at the Town Hall and got to stand at the statue and see all the horses and floats go by in the midst of thousands of people. Great times and on-street drinking happens throughout the day.

Carnsalloch House – Approved! – Initial Refusal overturned as reconvened Local Review Body considers more detailed material from Historic Scotland and finds way forward. But with legal ‘Section 75’ agreements required to ensure the historic building is restored through the enabling development.

New Director of Communities appointed! That’s all the directors now in place as the Council undergoes the reshaping process – restructuring the departments to supposedly work better and more efficiently – this should make a significant difference to the internal workings of the council but how much the average citizen will notice I am not yet sure (yet).

Budget found for small pavement build out in Lochmaben! – some say that Dumfries seems to get all the big slices of budget pie, but working with the Lochmaben primary parent teacher council and the roads department some road safety measures are in progress to make the crossing point safer and more visible with a small build out (which will protect the crossing point to the width of the car parking strip along the side of the high street at the surgery). There is some budget but there will have to be the appropriate consultation to get the relatively small project ready to go. This should make a significant difference for school children’s safety on their way to and from school.

Johnstonebridge – Strip of verge by DGHP land does belong to the council but because it’s outside the 30mph limits it will be the Roads department that cut the verge rather than the Grounds Maintenance team.

Beattock Pavilion – Finally some action to be taken on the future of the pavilion at Beattock on the community council’s land – there has been an ongoing issue over the ownership of the pavilion but it looks like sense is prevailing and the Council are prepared to revise their arrangement with the community council. This means upgrading the pavilion, as well as taking any future responsibility for removing it, should it become redundant. Moffat Thistle, for example, can use the facility to play their home games on a decent nominated home pitch (one of the best in the area). Meeting next week to try and establish an agreement that will work for all parties.

Resilience occurred in Moffat – Moffat Academy hosted an emergency exercise developed by Dumfries and Galloway Council Resilience Team. Moffat Academy, and Moffat Community Resilience Team (MCRT). Primary and secondary students, Girl Guides, teachers and parents got involved with representatives from MCRT, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, Moffat Mountain Rescue and Community First Responders. A lot of different agencies.

The event was structured with interactive sessions on flood rescue, mountain rescue, etc., and information-gathering tasks for the students in terms of available supplies, medication, and whereabouts of vulnerable people around town. There was support for the exercise in Moffat from Benmar’s, Wallace the Butchers, the Co-op, Buccleuch Hotel and others. Scottish Government Resilience Division, Education Scotland and SEPA also had a keen eye on this pilot event which could extend across the region and other parts of Scotland.

Oh, and Mochrum Fell Planning Committee site visit took place which was very helpful in understanding the siting of the proposed windfarm development.



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