The Saltire is our national flag

Lochmaben Town Hall has 2 flagpoles and one of these should be flying the Saltire.

Here is the current council list of dates for 2015 when specific flags should be flown on the other pole.

R E M I N D E R – Hoisting Flags -09 01 15

January 12th update: the Council Clerk of Works has confirmed that there is a rope on the second flagpole now so should be fully operational…


2 thoughts on “The Saltire is our national flag

  1. Agree – It is the National Flag of Scotland – NOT ! The SNP Flag ! and the sooner the SNP gets this into there “Nationalistic” Heads the better! – and when the National Flag of Scotland is “Defaced” with “Yes” on it is then becomes a “Defaced” Flag

  2. Glad you agree, John. We should be proud to fly our Saltire as a matter of course on our local government and community buildings and take ownership of the flag for everyone in Scotland.

    I don’t really understand what you are saying about the Saltire being the SNP flag instead of Scotland’s.

    However, I followed up the flag defacement reference, which at first sounds like quite a negative connotation but is actually just a technical term in “vexillology” (which I’ve now found out is the study of flags) for the addition of a symbol or change to an existing flag, the most famous probably being the national flag of Australia, which is a Blue Ensign defaced.

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