Switzerland is a landlocked country with no mineral wealth

It’s up to us how successful we want to make our country. We have our normal everyday industries in Scotland and are blessed with oil, gas, fish, arable land, forests, fresh water, energy, to name some of the more obvious assets. Are you telling me that Switzerland is a poor country and couldn’t possibly manage on it’s own without being part of a union?


Path of fear and the illusion of comfort, or path of opportunity and responsibility. “Armageddon” was used to describe what would happen to Scottish Football before the old Rangers FC went into adminstration and then got liquidated but it hasn’t stopped the world from turning, history belongs in the past and what worked before can become unviable – things that fail naturally get weeded out and leave an opportunity for the next contender – it costs more and more to protect an inefficient status quo as time goes on. Wake up. Gravity won’t stop because Scotland is independent. We’ll still use the pound, still speak mostly a variant of English language, still drive on the left, until Scotland decides to change. It will still be the same distance from Lockerbie to Carlisle, I won’t need a passport to go to Newcastle, the ferry will still sail from Cairnryan to Belfast.

It’s not about the SNP any more, it’s not about Alex, it’s about engaging with the most meaningful exercise in democracy that Scotland has seen for decades. Question the state of the country you are in now. Scrutinise the information being made available to you. Examine the emotional arguments based on fear and think of who really benefits if Scotland says No. Once the veil is lifted it is hard not to see.


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