Beattock Sub-station…

In relation to Windfarm Connections to the electricity network in Scottish Power geographic area the following outlines the current process and parties involved.

For small scale wind farms (typically less than than 40 MW) a windfarm developer must make a Connection Application to the National Grid Electricity Company (NGET) who are responsible for operating the Transmission network in Scotland, England and Wales. Note: by Transmission we generally mean voltages of 132kV or above (the highest being 400kV) – although there are many 33kV Transmission assets aswell.

Once NGET receive a Connection Application they will ask Scottish Power Transmission (SPT) to determine what works are required to make a Connection Offer. SPT – who own the Transmission Assets in Central/Southern Scotland – will submit to NGET (within a defined period) a formal Offer (with detailed works, costs and programme) for their consideration. NGET then make a formal offer to the developer. In effect “back to back” Commercial Agreements are put in place to facilitate the windfarm connection. SPT though only has a contract with NGET and not directly with the windfarm developer. SPT is also regulated by OFGEM and holds a Transmission Licence.

The windfarm developers are unregulated and operate in a competitive market. In the case of Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) , part of the Iberdrola Group of Companies, they have no links to either SPT or SPD and operate completely independently .

Similarly, SPD and SPT, although within the Iberdrola Group of Companies, are independent businesses and operate within their Licence Obligations.


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