Due to the sad loss of Ted Brown the mechanics of democracy means there is a by-election for the vacant Ward Councillor post in Annandale North. The SNP candidate is Frank MacGregor, a member who lives in Lockerbie and he’ll be standing on 15th November 2012 along with 5 other candidates contesting the seat.

Short bio: born and educated in Glasgow, Frank MacGregor has worked work at senior management level in the United Kingdom and overseas. He has been actively involved in local matters and until January of this year was secretary of the Dumfries & Galloway Seniors Forum. He has lived in Lockerbie for twelve years, is married, and has a son.

Comments from Frank:
“Rightly or wrongly, I have always truly believed that we have a different way of looking at things in Scotland. For instance, most of us don’t think concessionary travel, free prescriptions and education are a ‘something for nothing’ handout. These benefits are there because most of us believe they should be. At a local level the same principles apply, we should always encourage those with ability, but we must never forget those, who through no fault of there own, are less fortunate, it’s called caring.”

“The SNP has a positive agenda for the communities of Annandale North. Only the SNP will defend free personal care, concessionary travel and free prescriptions as well as freezing the Council Tax. The unionist parties want to take these away from you.”

Frank was an instrumental member of the SNP local election campaign team who helped get me elected in May and he would be a great addition to the SNP Councillor Group that makes up the Administration in Dumfries and Galloway Council.


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