The town was looking good in the april sun but it’s clear that regeneration is needed to keep the town centre vibrant with new industry and not just for young people. The anniversary of the disaster is soon so why isn’t the Council doing more to ensure that the people of Lockerbie don’t feel ignored in terms of investment and opportunities.

Some issues came to light this morning as we made ourselves known in Lockerbie town centre today:

1. There is a health and safety issue in Cameron Close: sheltered housing no longer has a double yellow on the road outside meaning there’s no guaranteed access for emergency service vehicles. Concerning.

2. Lockerbie Golf Club: the rent being charged by Dumfries and Galloway Council seems too great given the story behind how the “common land” was bought using the remainder of monies raised (£1000) – the previous landowner was going to let the Cricket Club use it rather than the Golf Club. There is a rent review coming up so this can be highlighted.

3. The Old Primary School that had been used latterly as Council buildings is now empty and residents are worried that it will be another example of once public resources being sold to private concerns without any public benefit. What’s happening with this?

4. Students living at Lockerbie attending Dumfries college are being sold short on access to HNC courses after gaining NC qualifications. Why is the college not keeping HNC places in Child Care and Education available for students who want to progress from completing the NC at the same college?

I went along Rosebank Crescent once the other SNP members had gone home (thanks to all who turned up, young and old) to deliver some more leaflets as I hadn’t had a chance to earlier. That only leaves about 70 leaflets for Parkgate now that the rest are in the hands of the Moffat members – need to review what materials we need to organise in future.


One thought on “SNP Morning in Lockerbie

  1. I was 22 when the plane crashed but this is nothing to do with the anniversary of it at all. Why not use the old primary school which I went to for a big community centre for the old people in the afternoon for tea dances also have different rooms for different things like learning crafts, an internet cafe etc an use the money for different things in lockerbie

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