I attended the Moffat and District Community Council (MDCC) meeting on Tuesday past at Moffat Town Hall after famously not being able to attend the recent hustings organised by MDCC. Still it was a good chance to hear what the ongoing concerns were as a member of the public (in a small room at the back of the Town Hall.)  I’d registered with Moffat Online prior to this which allowed me online access to minutes and agendas for the previous MDCC meetings just to get some kind of appraisal so that was a helpful resource.

So today I met with one of the Moffat SNP members to check which streets of the town still require leaflet deliveries. I spent some hours leafleting around Ettrick Drive, Crosslaw Burn and Meadow Bank area as some of the other SNP members are covering the other parts of the town (getting low on leaflets now though.)

An interesting development in the area is the money being generated by the windfarms in the region, which is now being made available in the form of grants for projects put forward by communities, groups and individuals through an application and assessment process. I would like to understand more about the structure of how this works so will have to find out.



2 thoughts on “Visiting Moffat

  1. I’m trying to find out what your position is on action to force Woollen Mill to demolish/sell the old Mercury Motor Inn. Alis Balance wants a facelift for the building so we’re not voting for her!

    1. Hi Bernadette, thank you for asking about this. The current and future ownership of the land and building will be key to what can be done to best serve the needs of Moffat communities.

      I know the former Mercury Inn has become problematic since closing over ten years ago, and that people are looking to see if public funds are available to help address the issue. In principle my position would be to support regeneration projects that would have long term benefits, and that are tempered and driven by the needs and wishes of the community first and foremost, rather than short-term cosmetic actions.

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