Canvassing and leafleting yesterday took on a different strategy due to the low density of housing in the Johnstone area but there are some lovely hidden roads and views that you never normally see from the main roads.

One of the local SNP Members had mapped out all the houses in the area and acted as the driver for the day, which was entertaining and informative between stops. Not surprisingly the potholes were raised as an issue by voters, but also I was lucky to speak with members of the farming community and hear more about their concerns. I need to dig out some more specific information about farming and agriculture policy from the SNP and Scottish Government information sources to reply to some of the questions I was asked. Some of these were concerns about Single Farm Payment Scheme and other grants or subsidies that were available, pre- and post-Independence.

Most of the land in around Johnstonebridge is part of the estate owned by the 11th Earl of Annandale and Hartfell who has “gifted” some land to the Johnstonebridge Community group so that they can build a new Community Hall, part of a combination of projects that includes creating a new children’s playground for the village. The project also includes a multi-use games area (MUGA) part of which sits on land bought from D&G council for £1. They are currently fundraising to make this happen.


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