Leaflets to DNG Media in Annan

Friday was a logistics exercise spent with a trip to DNG in Annan getting boxes of SNP Annandale leaflet inserts delivered in time for the Moffat News and Annandale Herald, as well as inserts for the SNP candidates in Dumfries.

I was also able to get some stickers, badges, flags and other materials organised for the Lockerbie day out on 28th April. Sadly no leafleting for me today, which I’m finding very rewarding, especially when voters and constituents let me know about their feelings on Council performance.

The nature of the local campaign strategy is a lot about letting people know that the SNP has candidates in all the voting wards for this election. It’s clear from feedback and research that there is strong support for issues we are campaigning on, as well as the desire for an autonomous Scotland and hopefully the results will reflect this.

I’m still concerned about the low voter turnout expectation and what that signifies about the perception of political relevance. I hope that we can get away from the negative party politics exemplified by years of Westminster government and move toward a co-operative form of government that can make the most of the limited resources we have available to make improvements.


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