This was originally going to be “Visiting Hightae” but I met up with an SNP member in Hightae who offered to start delivering leaflets over the next few days so will be back there early next week to help. So off towards Parkgate along the B7020. I know it’s a common theme but there are some very bad pot-hole patches along that route. What is the difference in priority for repairs for A roads and B roads?

So I went on to Templand but before delivering leaflets was able to speak with Kevin Baker about the current situation with the Lockerbie Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre Trust the sub group, called the Lockerbie Swimming Pool Action Group which is raising the funds. I fully support community-based initiatives that can achieve an obvious and lasting benefit to Lockerbie and the surrounding area and would recommend finding out more about the project either on the Facebook profile, new website or by following on Twitter. More on this to follow as I find out more details, I hope.

There was some vocal voter support in Templand, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to speak to many people while I was going round the various residencies. I will have to find a practical way to keep in touch with what the constituents’ concerns are or make it as easy as possible to contact me, should I be elected as Councillor.




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