Visiting Nethermill

I’m sure I must look like a total fool when presented with a front door and no letter box! Fortunately, the home-owner must have noticed me looking confused and kindly rescued my SNP candidate leaflet.

In Nethermill, again the state of the road surface and pot holes reappearing after a short period of time was discussed. What became clear was just how much this has been affecting people going about their normal business – he could itemise the number and types of replacements and repairs he’d had to make to his work vehicle due to damage caused by the state of the roads. The fact that people seem to make an allowance for repairing or replacing burst tyres, rims, shock absorbers, and various other parts is telling.

This region has so many towns and villages, often with very specific needs pertaining to each community. A blanket approach to delivering services is never going to be efficient in a situation like this so creativity and simplification is required.



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