Targetting local resources

It’s generally agreed that the Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board dropping plans to close community hospitals in the region is what local people wanted, especially after the 2009 Dumfries and Galloway Health Board proposal to redesign health care provision in the including controversial plans to close five community hospitals in Moffat, Lochmaben, Thornhill, Langholm and Kirkcudbright.

What needs addressed now is the range of hospital services that can be provided locally is improved, especially given the time and cost of travelling to Dumfries for problems that could be treated closer to home.

Speaking of closer to home: I currently live in Dumfries, which is 8 miles to to Lochmaben Hospital and 21 miles to Moffat Hospital, but it’s even further to travel for those living in the Ecclefechan, DG11 3JJ postcode area, for example – 11 miles to Lochmaben Hospital and 24 miles to Moffat Hospital.

It makes sense, especially in our region with distances between all the towns, to target hospital resources where they are needed most, and so that they are as close to the people who need access as possible.


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